Important Things to Know About Wix: A complete Review

Wix is one of the most popular website builders around. It boasts of over 100 millions of users, it has a growing app marketplace and the platform is updated constantly. In this post, I will review the various aspects of the Wix website builder.

Visual Editing and Ease of Use

Wix offers a feature rich visual web page editor. It lets you drag elements anywhere on the page. This is very different from editor offered by other website builders like Weebly and SquareSpace which offer block based editing. This provides great freedom and control over site design. The user can precisely place the element anywhere on the page.

Powerful Editor

Wix editor is arranged in 3 logical sections. It has a left sidebar, a top bar and the site canvas. Wix editor offers a vast collection of interface elements like Galleries, Buttons, Grids, Vectors , Backgrounds, Repeater Controls, Carousels, Tables and a lot more. Its safe to say that Wix has the largest collection of interface elements among all the website builders. The elements can be easily configured from withing the editor itself. For example, you can add hover effects, alt text, add images , change font , font size , line spacing etc directly from the editor.

Image Manager

Wix also has a very powerful image manager. It is possible to upload ,rename, crop and store images for later use. Images can be arranged in folders and can be searched by name. Apart from uploading your own images, you can also pull images from your social network accounts. Wix also offers a huge selection of free images. Wix also integrates with Shutterstock, so you can easily buy images directly from the dashboard.

Site Revisions

There is one handy feature offered by Wix. It is Site Revisions. It lets you rewind your site to a previous state. This can be very helpful if you are a web designer and your client messes up the site by mistake. You can easily revert the site to a previous, working state.

There are a couple of drawbacks with Wix Editor though. It is not possible to switch a Wix theme. So if you dont like the theme you are using, you have to recreate the website. Also the sheer number of features can be confusing for a non tech savvy users. With so many options, new users might find Wix Editor a bit overwhelming.

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