PureVPN Review 2019

There’s also the government and ISP monitoring problem that is prevalent in especially those regions that come under the UKUSA agreement. Plus, online censorship and geo-restrictions are amongst the added problems that limit users from accessing the content of their choice.

The only tool that enables users to fight off these problems and browse the Internet with as less friction as possible is a virtual private network. One VPN service that holds a prominent reputation and position in the industry is PureVPN.

From extensive network coverage to dedicated security and privacy features, PureVPN provides a one-window solution to all the problems. Let’s get down to the review and learn more about the VPN service.

Pricing Plans


The first plan of the VPN service starts off on a monthly basis. The current monthly plan is offered at $10.95, which is certainly a bit pricy. The monthly plan is best for users who want to use the VPN for short-term purposes only.

The next plan is the 1-year plan which is mostly used by users who are although savvy VPN users but don’t want to commit for more than a year unless they change their mind and upgrade the plan. Anyway, the original cost of the yearly plan is $131.4. However, the yearly plan is currently sold at 63% off which means you get to pay $4.08 per month or $49 per year.

For the committed VPN users, PureVPN also offers a 2-year VPN plan. Though the original price of the biannual plan is $262.8, users can now get it at 73% off, i.e., $2.88 per month, or $69.

The best aspect of the VPN service is that it offers a plethora of payment options for the ease and convenience of the users. The payment modes include Bitcoins, Paypal, credit card, Gift cards, and more.

31-Day Refund Guarantee

Regardless of what you buy from online shopping portals or brick-and-mortar shops, what you fear the most is your money being spent or wasted on a product that fails to meet your expectations. It is because of this reason that users look for a money-back guarantee.

PureVPN is amongst the rare few gems in the industry that offers a user-friendly refund policy. For starters, the VPN service offers a 31-day money-back guarantee which means you have more than enough time to check the product and see if it fulfills your needs.

“A No Questions Asked, Risk-Free, Stress-Free, 31-Day Refund Policy!”

Secondly, the VPN service clearly states in its refund policy that they will first try to resolve the problem. However, in the event they fail to do so, they would refund the money without delay.

Strict No-Log Policy

There’s no doubt that the reliability of VPN services are partly judged by their no-log policies. PureVPN offers a crystal-clear Privacy policy and a no-log policy. The VPN service mentions it pretty clearly that it doesn’t log or store users’ data at any instance at all.

“We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.”

The privacy policy of the VPN service mentions how the company collects the information, what type of information is collected and how it is used.

Apart from the name, email address and payment method details that are used in customer interaction, order processing, and emails, the VPN service collects the details of the day the user connects to any specific VPN location and the name of the ISP. The VPN service claims that it is the “bare minimum” details that are used for troubleshooting problems, technical assistance and more.

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