SiteGround Hosting Review 2019

Siteground is a non-EIG company and most reputed company in the hosting space.

You can see many good reviews about siteground online. And those siteground reviews are true.

They are actually providing really good services over the years. Below you can see the siteground user review from the social media.

If you’re personally using siteground or want to host with siteground then leave the command below to help other people from your siteground hosting reviews.

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Siteground Gogeek plan Compare to other plans: (Semi-Dedicated hosting)

Siteground Gogeek plan is 4X more server resource than a startup plan. And you will get 10Gb more web space than siteground grow big plan.

Siteground gogeek plan is 4X faster than a start-up plan. You will get the awesome speed than other plans of siteground shared hosting.

It’s basically semi-dedicated hosting and gives you lot of space and option to host multiple websites in one account.

You will get Free domain and Free domain. Siteground is very much famous for their excellent support and here in this plan, you will get priority support that you will not get in the start-up plan.

Free SSL and PCI compliance to protect the visitors’ data. These are the extra benefits that you will get while choosing the siteground gogeek plan over other plans.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of the siteground hosting service.

Pros Of Siteground Hosting

There are a lot of pros of siteground hosting to discuss. And I do discuss the cons also about siteground hosting.

This review is from my experience with their hosting service. Now, I will discuss the important benefits of choosing siteground web hosting.

Speed & the latest Technology

Siteground is famous for its faster loading speed. They are using all the new technologies like NGINX server and SSD storage and geeky super cache technology.

Below you can see the web loading speed of my website. It’s increased after moving my website to siteground.

80% of your visitors will go back if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load.

Tips to increase your website speed:

These are the tips I can give you to increase the website speed.

  1. Once you choose the siteground hosting then use catching plugin either WP3 cache or Siteground’s SG optimizer plugin.

This catching plugin helps your website to clean the unwanted catches and cookies.

  1. Siteground is offering Free Cloudflare CDN. So, use Cloudflare CDN to increase your website speed. CDN is a content delivery network. To know more about CDN read this article.
  2. Use WP smush plugin to reduce the image size. Use to compress the image size.
  3. Use lightweight Themes. SO that your website speed will increase in time.
  4. Use the necessary plugins. Avoid using more plugins. It will affect your website speed and ranking on google.

Most of all use siteground hosting with 70% discount from this link. So, that you will get the website speed you’re looking for.

Understand the fact that your website loading speed is the important factor of SEO. Slower loading speed affects your website ranking.

So, choosing the right hosting provider is a must for loading and good SEO of the website.

Siteground can provide this feature and help your SEO by faster loading speed.

Lets I break it down the technology that they are using for the faster loading website and for the good performance.

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